Egils Levits
The President of
the Republic of Latvia

President Egils Levits was born on 30 June 1955, is a Latvian lawyer, political scientist and judge who is the President of Latvia since 8 July 2019. He was also a Member of the European Court of Justice from 2004 to 2019.... More..
Ambassador Artis Bērtulis
Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to the Republic of India.

Ambassador Artis Bērtulis holds a degree in physics from the University of Latvia and a post graduate in international affairs from the Royal College of Defense Studies. More..
Dr. Manil Fernando
Honorary Consul

Dr. Manil Fernando is a practicing orthopedic surgeon, businessman, consultant and a football enthusiast. More..
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While it's obvious on arrival that Riga is a city with a lot going on, some of the most exciting events in the city are its many varied festivals. We'll try to present a comprehensive list of festivals that occur annually in the city.

Riga Music Festival
The festival is officially called the International Festival of Music Traditions “Riga Music” and celebrates traditional music, both Latvian and foreign. 
When: January
Official festival website:

Bach Music Festival
This music festival celebrates the German composer and organist's works in an event lasting over a month and involving numerous concerts by esteemed musicians. 
When: February-March

Latvian Contemporary Drama Festival "Insight"
March is the month for drama, and this festival celebrates some of the rising stars in contemporary drama. 
When: March
Official festival website:

Riga Opera Festival
This annual festival takes place in the Latvian National Opera and features the best in international and Latvian opera. 
When: June
Official festival website:

Early Music Festival
A celebration of traditional and folk music. 
When: June-July

Latvian Song and Dance Festival
The Latvian Song and Dance Festival festival is the mother of them all when it comes to huge events in Riga. The festival is over a century old, and is as much a celebration of Latvian pride as it is of music - though the music consists of huge choirs and dance groups singing and dancing their hearts out, as well as a large number of art exhibitions, parades and also some contemporary rock and pop concerts taking place. 
When: Summer every five years (next festival: July 2008)
Official festival website:

Riga Salsa Festival
Get ready to Salsa! Classes and performances will take place with some experts from around the world. 
When: August-September
Official festival website:

Arsenals Film Festival
September is the month for the largest film festival in Riga, the International Film Festival "Arsenals." The festival in its current incarnation includes the Forum International Competition Screening, the Baltic Film Competition (films from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), the Retrospective Screenings, the World cinema Panorama, and special thematic programs. 
When: September
Official festival website:

Autumn Chamber Music Days
The International Festival "Autumn Chamber Music Days" features a month of chamber music performances in some of the most beautiful halls in the city. 
When: September-October
Official festival website:

Porta World Music Festival
The International World Music Festival "Porta" celebrates music from around the world with a month of special performances. 
When: November
Official festival website:

Chamber Music Festival "Winterfest" offers a way to keep warm during the cold winter months while listening to beautiful chamber music from some of the world's most renowned composers and performers. 
When: November-February
Official festival website:



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